Acche Din


















Theme Description:
Every year Thanawala Family has been celebrating the auspicious Ganpati festival by enriching the Ganpati idol with a theme of current happenings, in and around the world.

This year also we have adopted a current topic. This year Ganesha is dressed like PM Narendra Modi & waving his devotees with blessings of ‘Acche din’.

Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi is also seeking blessings of ‘Acche Din’ for his government and 125 crore Indians. The backdrop is having slogans of good governance. As we all are aware that Mr Modi has grown up as a Tea Vendor, we are going to display tea – pot and glasses with glass holders and mentioning ” khudi ko kar buland itna ki har takdeer se pahele khuda bandese khud puchhe bata teri raja kya hai.”

With the blessings of Lord ganesha every individual’s dream will definitely come true.

And like every year, we promote Eco-friendliness as our Ganpati idol is made of clay and also we prevent noise pollution by not bursting crackers and saying no to music.

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