How to do Digital Marketing?

How to do Digital Marketing?

In case you want to know what is digital marketing & why digital marketing, please read my blog by clicking here.

I have been working as a freelance digital marketer from the past four years and one common and important thing which I have noticed is that my client’s relatives and friends don’t know if my client is in the business I am promoting. After speaking with my clients and asking them how they generate business, the most common answer is through their network which is when I realized –

Your network is your net worth.

There are two basic ways of marketing:

  • Organic – growing and promoting your business without paying money to advertise
  • Inorganic – when we pay money to advertise our product

I always prefer to grow a business organically for the first few months to understand how much interested the client is, who is my client’s customers, how are they responding to the posts etc.

Before starting my work, I ask my clients the following questions:

  • Is your business verified by Google & Microsoft?
  • Do you have a website? If yes, I ask them below questions:
    • Is Google analytics or any other analytics integrated within your website?
    • Is your website mobile-friendly?
    • Is your website SEO friendly?
    • Have you promoted your website before?
  • Is your business on social media? If yes, I ask them below questions:
    • How many likes and followers does your business have?
    • How many users engage with your posts per week?
    • Are you doing promotion activities on social media?
  • Are you doing email marketing?
  • Are you doing affiliate marketing?

And most of the time the answer for the above questions is a NO. So, when I start with the work, below are the basic or I would say must do things to have an online presence:

  • Google My Business & Bing Places
    Have you ever tried searching your business on any search engine like Google or Bing? Does the search engine show your business logo, timings, address, direction button, website button, business photos? If the answer to the above question is yes then your business is registered. To understand if it’s verified or not find an option called “Suggest an edit”, click/touch on it and try updating any business details. Google will review it and if the business isn’t verified then details will get an update. You will have to verify your business so no one else can edit your business details. If you are unable to find your business, please register and verify your business. To register your business on a search engine:
  • Create a website
    Websites have become like a physical store which helps gain customer trust and confidence. Creating a website is similar to opening a shop. The steps to create a website are:
    1. Find & buy a suitable domain name. Ideally, everyone in the market is habitual to having a domain name which ends with .com but in case you are an NGO or a business or a blog or you provide guide there are many domain names available which going further might be helpful. So in case you are an NGO named XYZ, buy a domain name with an extension of .org. Similarly, if you are a business, buy a domain name with extension .biz, etc. You can also buy two domain names with an extension of .com and .org which redirects to the same website.
    2. Another thing that comes up is the hosting. Hosting is similar to buying office space. In laymen terms, it is called buying space on the internet for your website. To explain this let me give you a scenario where you own a shop of women’s handbag. Initially, you bought a 100 sqft office space as you had less number of bags and fewer customers. Within six months, more customers are coming and there is no space which is why they move on to a bigger shop. Also, since more customers started coming you started keeping more stock and new stock. To not let go your customers you will buy more office space. It is the same with buying more hosting space on the internet.
    3. What content should be displayed on the website? Remember, content is king. It’s important to write new and understandable content keeping your audience in mind. If you are not good with writing content, hire a content writer and explain them your business. Websites with good and new content come up high in search rankings.
    4. If your website is an e-commerce website, hire a good photographer so your products look attractive and avoid downloading photos from the internet. There are many websites which provide free photos such as
    5. When you hire a website designer, request for a responsive website. A responsive website means the website should adjust itself according to the screen size of the device. And nowadays, due to an increase in usage of smartphones, viewing websites from smartphones have increased.
    6. Integration with an analytics tool e.g. Google Analytics, Piwik etc. You can ask your website developer to integrate any analytics tool in your website to understand how are users using the website, how much time each user is spending on the website, what is the behavior of the user etc. Ask for a monthly report to understand how you can improve your website.
    7. Make your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. You can hire an SEO expert to help bring your website higher on the search engine ranking.
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Create business pages on relevant social media sites.
    • Every social media site has a different profile photo size, cover photo size, and posts size. So it is important to create different graphics for each social media site.
    • Posting regularly. If you post regularly, customers who are following your business page will remember the name of your business/company and the services you have to offer.
    • Use relevant hashtags. When you use relevant hashtags, your posts reach to more number of people.
    • We wish our friends and family on social media on their birthday and anniversary. So instead of just wishing via post, create a graphic which includes your company logo, name and address so when you tag them, their friends will also be able to see the post which includes information about your company.
    • Create graphics wishing your friends and family on a particular occasion/festival which includes information about your company.
    • There are multiple groups on Facebook which are related to business promotions. Join those groups and post about your products/services.
    • Everyone loves quick replies. Be prompt in replying to customers who comment on your post or send you a message.

In addition to above, you can do below things as well:

  • Email Marketing is the oldest and useful source of generating leads and staying connected to your clients. If you have a new product, sale, offer, discount, festival, send them an email.
  • If you are a doctor or in a consultation business, write blogs which show the knowledge you possess.
  • Affiliate Marketing – display ads on established websites or blogs

There are many more marketing ideas which can be implemented depending on your business and your online presence.

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